Decisions, decisions

Another Monday and it’s time to show what is on the design wall again.

I had a very productive weekend – sewing in fifteen minute spurts throughout both days – so I’ve made a good deal of progress.

Here is “Easy Street” laid out on the floor:


“Easy Street”, if you’ll remember, was the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt that was started on Black Friday 2012. I had followed along with Bonnie and made the amount of units that she called for. But when I put the flimsy together, I decided to make it into a twin size quilt instead of a queen size. So I had some extra blocks. I was going to sew them into a lap quilt. But, after letting the project “marinate” for a while, I decided that I would prefer to make it into a queen size after all. So I had to un-sew a good bit of it (that on-point setting made it a little more difficult to add things back in.) It’s not completely sewn back together yet. I did get all the un-sewing taken care of. And I sewed the blocks together that needed to be added.

If you look closely, you can see that the upper left corner does not have anything there. I was in a panic about that, because I knew that there was a corner unit – it had previously been sewn on when I had made this into a twin size flimsy. But where was it!?! I didn’t see it anywhere in reasonably plain sight. So then I started excavating under the piles of other projects. Still couldn’t find it. Was I going to have to pull fabric back out of the stash and make another corner unit!?! Of course, if I had, I would have found the already made unit as soon as I finished the new one!

Happily, I found the corner unit on the floor between the cutting table and the wall. I’m pretty sure that my “quilting assistant”, Norman, felt that it belonged on the floor and not on the table – as does any other object that he can easily push off the edge!!!

I was also able to get all the blocks sewn together for the current mystery quilt:


Here’s my “Celtic Solstice”, so far. There are some borders that need to be added that will make this into a 75″ x 75″ quilt. And this is where I need to make some decisions. If I make it in the size that Bonnie has, it will not be long enough for a twin size bed. Well, it would just barely cover a twin bed from top to bottom, since an average twin bed measures 39″ x 75″. The width would be fine, just not the length.

I need to come up with a solution. Here are the options:

1) Add one more row of blocks and then do the border as instructed. This would add 9″ to the length, but the design would be asymmetrical from top to bottom.
2) Add additional borders to the top and bottom. This would keep the design symmetrical, except for the borders. And I have no idea how I would do additional borders – just more of the same pattern that Bonnie has, or something a little different?
3) Add two more rows of blocks and then do a narrower border. I’ve got an idea for this option and it would make the finished size 69″ x 87″, which would work well.

Hm-m-m. I’ll have to think about this a little bit.

Meanwhile, click HERE to go over to Patchwork Times to see what is up on other design walls.


4 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions

  1. Both of those turned out great. I finally got my Easy Street top done this month, but I’m no where near where you are on Celtic Solstice! I better get moving!


  2. You are brave person. I finished Easy Street but decided against Celtic Solstice..although it is a beauty. Just finishing another of Bonnies, Cathedral Windows so I up for something easy next.


  3. Maybe that’s why I haven’t put any more effort into my CS. Not crazy about square quilts but 2-block designs make it hard to alter the dimensions and still keep the balance. Looking forward to your decision.


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