Taking Stock of 2013

This year is almost over. Already!?! Wowzers!

I thought I’d take a few moments to review what I did this year. Joining Judy at Patchwork Times for her Getting It Done challenge has been pretty helpful. Each month I’ve had four goals that I’ve tried to meet. I wasn’t always successful, but having the goals helped to keep me on track.

I was going to do a monthly break down of all of the goals, but that would be too much. So I’ll do an overview.


Having this blog has been a big help in getting me to follow through and get things finished. I love having all the wonderful people out there checking in on what I am getting done. And all the comments that I get are wonderful. I appreciate you all more than you can know.

Here’s hoping that 2014 is a wonderful year for all of us!


One thought on “Taking Stock of 2013

  1. Wow! Look how much you’ve acomplished this year! And next year you’ll get into the swing of quilting with your long arm. I bet your stash will be shrinking faster and faster.
    Your blog is a great way to record all your beautiful quilts.
    Happy New Year!


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