My Poor Buddy

Remember this guy?


This is DGC#5 and just over a week ago we spent a lovely afternoon with him while he raced his Pinewood Derby car truck.

Well, yesterday my poor little buddy took a spill and now has a broken right tibia. 😦 One minute he was playing with his cousins and the next was all chaos. So Mimi (that’s me) went over to get the DGC that didn’t need to go to the hospital and kept them for the rest of the day, while Dad and Mom took care of the injured.

I’m told he will be having a camo cast – which should make him feel a little better! And, apparently, someone else advised him that “chicks” dig guys that have injuries and that cheered him up a little.

We’re all praying that his recovery will be speedy.

In quilting news – I don’t have much to tell. I’ve been so busy with preparing for Thanksgiving dinner that I really haven’t had much time for quilting.

I’m going to link with Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville to show my progress on the “Celtic Solstice” mystery quilt.

This is mine:


That’s right, I have pulled the fabric. That is all. I was going to try to get at least a few units put together but that didn’t happen. So, Barb, you’re way ahead of me right now!!! So are a lot of other people that are linking up with Bonnie!! Click HERE to see what other people are doing.

I’ve got to get invoicing done for DH today, so I better get to work.


6 thoughts on “My Poor Buddy

  1. I hope your Tiger Cub has a speedy recovery. BTW, my kids always showed up in with dazzling style at the pinewood derby but never had the speed to win. Can’t wait to see your Celtic Solstice in 30’s fabrics!


  2. My youngest DGC was in a cast on her leg just about this time last year and it was the toughest thing to get her to sit quietly for the first week! Then the walking cast didn’t slow her down a bit! I’m sure he will recover quickly. It took almost three full days but I finished all 188 units for the first step in Celtic Soltice on Sunday evening! I only had a few distractions (DGC#3 came to stay overnight on Friday – about 24 hours of distraction!) but I know I won’t be able to devote that much time in the next few weeks with preparations for Christmas. I really like Bonnie’s vibrant colors and can’t wait for step 2 on Friday. Hope to see my QFFs soon!


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