Really, Random Thursday

Today is Really, Random Thursday over at Live a Colorful Life. Click HERE to see what other randomness people are blogging about.

Here’s what is randomly going on around here:

I love this video of Karen Nyberg making a quilt block in space.

Good thing we don’t have this many challenges at home (although my hair sometimes looks like that!!! I wish I could blame it on zero gravity!!!)

Last Saturday, DH decided to do some work at the cabin. What a great guy! Only trouble is, while he was working, he had a bar of metal hit him in the face. 😦


We had to go to the emergency room and he got five stitches over his left eyebrow. Lesson learned – when cutting a bolt off of a metal frame, make sure that nothing is going to swing back and wallop you when the bolt comes loose!!

I showed you the picture of my little helper in the sewing room yesterday. He’s such a sweetie!!


And then he can be a real stinker!!!

He routinely jumps up on any available surface and knocks over any loose items – spools, scissors, papers, fabric, etc. For a short while after I had the Fun Quilter set up, he had decided that was the greatest resting place, which resulted in the quilt that was loaded having sagging spots where he had curled up. Not to mention drifts of cat hair all over the place. Well, I had yelled at him a few times to discourage him from resting there and that seemed to do the trick. I had not been finding sagging spots or hair on the quilt.

Then last week I had shown you the picture of some of the embroidered pieces that I had been given.


I had washed and pressed the pieces before I took pictures. And I had laid some of the pieces over the Fun Quilter frame so that I could take the pictures. I left them there so that I didn’t have to fold them up and get creases in them. And now Norman seems to think that is the best place to take a nap again!!!


Er-r-r-r!! Needless to say, mommy yelled at him again and he was very annoyed to have to move!

I’ve been slowly working on getting the homespun fabrics cut for the double nine patch quilt that I want to make. But in the evenings I just want to sit down and relax a little before bed. Right now I have some hand sewing on the mug rugs that sits beside my recliner in the living room.


I have a set of six of these that I want to finish.

But I also can’t give up on my love affair with hexies!!! I haven’t had a hexie project – plenty of hand sewing projects, but not a HEXIE project. I still haven’t really got a hexie project going right now. But I’m getting ready for one!!!

A few weeks ago when I went shopping with Mom I bought a Fiskars paper punch that makes 3/4″ hexagons. That’s actually a little larger than I like, but I thought, “What the heck, I’ll try it!” So I’ve been cutting the paper pieces with the paper punch, so that my hexies will be nice and even. I was going to use regular copy paper, like I’ve used on my smaller hexies. But then I found a stash of card stock scraps and thought that would be a better base for these larger hexies. Then I got one of my magazines in the mail. You know how they have subscription cards included in them? Well, I’ve been using them to cut hexies, too.


Woo-hoo! I’m recycling AND doing hexies!!! Some day I’ll actually cut fabric to wrap around these hexies and sew them together. It won’t be too far in the future, since I won’t be able to resist the lure of hexies for very long!!!

Gotta go take DH to the doctor to get his stitches out today, so I better run.


4 thoughts on “Really, Random Thursday

  1. I’m soooooo glad that Tim did not get hit IN the eye. Were you with him when it happened or did he have to drive himself home all bloody? Tell him to be more careful next time.


  2. OK … now I have watched Karen Nyberg quilting in space … more of a nuisance than dealing with Norman … and I have two questions for you. 1) Is it too late for you to hand-sew a 9″ x 9″ star themed quilt square to submit for her project? 2) Should I assume that you would simply LOVE for your next trip with your QBB’s to be to go to the 40th anniversary International Quilt Festival in Houston TX next year?


  3. The deadline for submitting a block for the quilt is Aug. 1, 2014. For more information about where to send your block, visit:
    Nyberg and The International Quilt Festival will collaborate on having the squares stitched together for display at the 40th annual International Quilt Festival in 2014 and at other public displays. The Houston festival is the largest annual quilt festival in the world, attracting more than 60,000 guests annually.


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