Oh my aching back!

Yesterday I had big plans to play with fabric! Then DH came home and decided that it would be a great day to get the leaves out of the yard. So much for playing with fabric!!!



The leaves really did need to be taken care of. I raked around the trees and house, while DH ran the mower back and forth to chop and blow them out of the yard! There’s still a few leaves on the trees, so we’ll have to do this one more time, but it shouldn’t take as long.

Oh, and before you ask, I wanted to rake the leaves, not run the mower and here’s why – If DH hit a rock or a big stick and messed up his mower, well, that would be an unlucky accident. But, if I did something like that . . . let’s just say, I didn’t want to find out what would happen!! 😉

In the evening I was able to play with fabric for a little while. I started cutting 9″ squares for making magic 9 patches. I know I’ve explained that method somewhere on this blog, but I’ve got a Youtube video that gives you the basic idea:

Anyway, I started cutting some squares when suddenly I had some company in the studio:


Apparently I was not paying quite enough attention to Norman because he refused to let me cut anymore fabric. I lured him away once and was able to make a few more cuts. But then he came back and basically took up the same pose!! Okay, I get it, time to pet the kitty!!! You can see behind Norman that I did get some squares cut. They’re on top of the fabrics I’ve pulled out for Bonnie’s mystery quilt (yes, ANOTHER project!!!!) I’ve decided to use my 30’s reproduction fabrics instead of the bright colors she suggested. And I’m going to use plain white to substitute for the mixed neutrals she picked out. We’ll see how that goes!

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5 thoughts on “Oh my aching back!

  1. Luckily, my helper(s) don’t jump to the table, but they can be counted on to lay in the fabric piles, chase scraps & empty thread spools. I wouldn’t trade them though.


  2. O my helper does the same thing. yesterday he decided to lay on my sewing foot while I was sewing. luckily I had my fingers out of the way.. gotta love the kitties that love our hobby as much as us.


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