Get it Done – September

Here is my list from last month:

My September goals are going to be:

1) Load practice quilt onto frame and do some LAQ. – In theory, this goal is actually done. I did load a practice quilt and I did do some LAQ. I think that I meant to actually finish quilting the practice quilt (which I have not done.) But, hey, that’s not how the goal is worded, so I can count it as DONE.


2) Assemble Bonnie blocks into a flimsy – Not quite. I’ve sewn all the blocks into rows, but the rows need to be sewn together.


3) Bind the pink and purple quilt – that way it will be finished way before Christmas!!! – DONE!!


4) Finish all the donation quilts – these have to be done by the October meeting, because that’s when we will be sending them to their destination. I’m just going to have to “knuckle down, buckle down, do it, do it, do it!!!!” – Almost, but not quite, done. I’ve made a lot of progress and should finish soon.


October is turning into another busy month, so I think I am going to be easy on myself for goals this time around. I like the feeling of crossing things off my list much better than getting them ALMOST done!!

So for October, this is what I’m going to plan:

1) Finish sewing Bonnie quilt together into a flimsy.
2) Finish the three donation quilts before the quilt meeting.
3) Finish the LAQ on the practice quilt that is loaded on the frame right now
4) Take apart and reassemble my Easy Street flimsy.

I’d like to cross these off the list and if I get anything else done during this busy month it will be a bonus!!!

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