Getting it Done in August

It’s that time again – time to review how well I did meeting my goals for August and then listing my goals for September. This is all related to Patchwork Times. Judy started this idea of making four quilt related goals each month and posting about them, so that we can be a little more motivated to get things done. Click HERE to go to her linky party for this month’s goal setting.

Here were my August goals:

1) I was going to just try to have the units for the Bonnie quilt sewn together, but I’ve already done that. So I’m going to aim for getting all the blocks sewn. Since I’m already well on my way to getting that done, this should be a fairly easy goal



2) Donations quilts – dare I aim for getting two finished in August!?! Yes, I shall dare!

Well, no this didn’t get done, although I did finally start on one of them this past week.

3) Cut the sashing and assemble the pink and purple blocks

Done! I still have to hand sew the back sashing on some of the rows, but all the machine sewing is done to assemble the quilt.


4) Un-sew and reassemble Easy Street flimsy. I was going to make it a twin size quilt, but I’ve decided to go with the original pattern and make it queen size. I have the extra blocks already made, I just have to add them onto the twin size flimsy. But since it has an on-point arrangement, it is going to require some un-sewing. 😦

I didn’t get this done either. I attempted to sit down and un-sew on the Friday night that Bev and Barb came to visit, but I was so tired, I couldn’t concentrate on which seams needed to be un-sewn. So I just sat and watched Bev and Barb sew instead!!

Only half the goals are “Done” but I’m not really disappointed with myself. I hadn’t marked down “1) clear out sewing studio, 2) have renovations done, 3) install long arm quilter and practice on it, 4) put everything back into the studio” And I did get those things done!!! So, all in all, it evens out! Actually, I’m ahead of the game!!

My September goals are going to be:

1) Load practice quilt onto frame and do some LAQ.
2) Assemble Bonnie blocks into a flimsy
3) Bind the pink and purple quilt – that way it will be finished way before Christmas!!!
4) Finish all the donation quilts – these have to be done by the October meeting, because that’s when we will be sending them to their destination. I’m just going to have to “knuckle down, buckle down, do it, do it, do it!!!!”


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