Sewing Gremlins

What sort of ceremonies do I have to perform to exorcise the evil sewing gremlins? They have invaded the sewing studio and wreaked havoc on the quilt I am trying to assemble! Some of my blocks were too big, some of my blocks were too small. So I had to trim the big blocks. Then I had to un-sew and re-sew the small blocks. Now the borders are all mixed up and I have to un-sew and re-sew on them!!! I spent most of yesterday doing battle with gremlins, but finally decided that I was going to have to retreat before I lost the war. Today I want to get this thing finished, but I have to ward off the gremlins before I start.

DH and I have a gremlin bell attached to our motorcycle to ward off the motorcycle gremlins. The constant ringing of the bell drives them mad and they cannot get a grip on the bike, so they fall to the ground.


The trouble is, I don’t think that ringing a bell constantly is a good option for the sewing room. 1) the sewing room isn’t in motion to cause the bell to ring and 2) I think a constantly ringing bell would cause me to go mad, too!

So I did a quick internet search for ways to get rid of gremlins in a sewing room. For what it’s worth, here is what I came up with:

1) There is a slight possibility that naming your gremlin will cause it to settle down. I can try this one – any suggestions for names?

2) Removing all reflective surfaces – glass, mirror, etc – should get rid of the gremlins, because that is where they live. Who knew!?! Probably why they like motorcycles, too, since they have so much chrome!

3) Thyme, sage and myrrh with the fur of a white wolf, burned in a censer while circling your sewing room three times counter clockwise. Um-m-m, seriously?

4) One person suggests that if your sewing room is scrupulously cleaned and organized, the gremlins will no longer want to live there and will move away! Oh NO!!! I’m doomed! I’ll never get rid of the gremlins!!!!

5) Finally, even though this doesn’t specify that it will ward off gremlins, I ran across this little gem:

Sewing Advice

Well, I’m going to try to get those quilt blocks assembled. My plan of action is to PAY ATTENTION to what I am doing, so that I don’t have to un-sew anymore. If the gremlins still sabotage my work, I’m going to be looking for some thyme, sage, myrrh and white wolf fur – because I don’t think I can take such drastic measures as #4 suggests!!!!!

I’m going to link up with Live a Colorful Life for Really Random Thursday – click HERE

And because I laughed until I cried, I have to include this video from Youtube for my cat loving friends – it explains so much!


5 thoughts on “Sewing Gremlins

    1. I know! Where do they come up with these crazy superstitious beliefs? Seriously, who ever heard of cleaning and organizing to get rid of gremlins!?! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. I just hate when that happens and I have to resew blocks or cut down! We bought one of those bells for our bike and immediately – hadn’t even pulled it out of the driveway, my husband laid down the bike. He’s never done that before – it was just a fluke but he blamed the bell. I thought that was as silly as believing it works. LOL! No point in straightening your sewing room – it’s just time wasted from sewing.


  2. LOVED the cat video. Definitely made by a cat lover. I’m sure my Thomas writes the same things in his diary. Can’t wait to see you this weekend!


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