Design Wall Monday May 6

My design wall looks just about the same as it did last week.


A few of the strip sets have been taken down and sub-cut into 2″ x 8″ units. But other than that – no difference!

Mostly I’ve been concentrating on the log cabin blocks. I had forgotten how time consuming they are! Even though I am using every method I can to save time, they are slow going. One reason is because they need to be pressed after each “log” is sewn on. And it doesn’t help that I decided to make them so freakin’ small. I mean, seriously, what was I thinking when I decided to use 1″ strips to make these blocks!?!

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE them – they just take so long to get done! And I’d really like to get the flimsy all put together before next Tuesday evening! Which is really the reason why I am getting so frustrated with my progress! If I hadn’t set this arbitrary deadline, I wouldn’t be so stressed about it!

But, if I don’t set deadlines for myself, I tend to let things go on forever and never get anything done.

Kind of a catch-22 wouldn’t you say!?!

Click HERE to go over to Judy’s Patchwork Times and see what other design walls look like.


3 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday May 6

  1. Patience. Enjoy the journey. think about long quiet weekends sewing at the cabin. You know we’ll swoon over the tiny pieces.


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