Get it Done – May

It’s the end of the month and I’ve got a busy day planned. First on the list is DH invoicing. I’ve been working on it but I’m taking a quick break so that I can do a quick post!

On the last day of the month I’m joining Judy at Patchwork Times to make a list of four quilting goals for the next month. And give an update on how well I did with the past month’s goals. Click HERE to see what other people are trying to get done.

For April I hoped to get these things done:

1) Finish the Tiny Triangles wall hanging so it can be in my front entry. DONE


It is now hanging in the front entry – sorry the picture isn’t the best, the lighting conditions aren’t the greatest there.

2) Finish another donation quilt. DONE


This was from one of the kits that our quilt group put together. We did two different kinds of kits – one quilt as you go and one that makes the whole top as one piece. This is the second kind of quilt. Since it’s a baby quilt, it was easy to quilt on my home machine.

3) Start cutting strips for quilt that will be a Christmas gift for DGC#5. DONE


Not only have I cut the strips, but I’ve sewn them all into strip sets!! I wanted to include a picture of this strip:


The pink plaid fabric is from one of DH’s shirts. (Yes, he wore a pink plaid shirt!!!) I “de-boned” it ala Bonnie Hunter and used one strip of it for this quilt. Someone expressed doubt that I would consider using DH’s clothes as quilting fabric. This is proof that nothing is safe in a quilter’s home!

Besides, he couldn’t wear his shirt anymore because it had a big stain on the front of it! But the back was in great condition, so into the quilt it goes!

4) Finish Bedford Beauty!! Almost done.


I am sewing the binding on whenever I get a spare moment. I hope to have it done very, very soon!

My goals for May are as follows:

1) Another donation quilt – I have five more kits that need to be finished before October.
2) Finish assembling the blocks for DGC’s quilt, then layer and quilt. I was just going to say “assemble blocks”, but I’m going to be ambitious and try to have them all quilted, too.
3) Finish log cabin flimsy.


I have one half of it all assembled and a whole lot of partial blocks. I would really like to see this one finished!

4) Layer and pin baste my birthday quilt


This has been languishing in the WIP pile for two and half years. I have an idea for how I want to quilt it so I want to get it layered and try it out.

Okay, those are my four goals for May. I’ll let you know how it goes in 31 days!


4 thoughts on “Get it Done – May

  1. You are so ambious! I’d be lucky to get ONE project done in a month and you have FOUR on your list! Well, I think you must need some help from your QFFs who could provide support to cheer you on to your goals. Shouldn’t we try to do a get-together in May to help you? What are friends for! Even with our busy schedules, maybe we can fit something in.


  2. You did very well with your 4 GID for April. I think you will have no problem doing the same for May. You must be very organized and focused. Congrats on your beautiful finishes.


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