Really Random Thursday – April 4, 2013


Thank you to everyone that commented on Bedford Beauty. You were all so complimentary! I started this quilt at a Bonnie Hunter workshop. Her pattern is called “Jared Takes a Wife” and you can find it on her blog under free patterns. The block pattern is also known as Blackford’s Beauty. The workshop was held in Bedford, PA which is how I came up with the name that I gave my quilt.


Here is DS#3 with his new toy. Now when we want to take a motorcycle ride, he can join us.


I had to include a picture of Norman. He is getting big and can now jump up on counters and tables. I’m trying to break him of that habit – I know, Good Luck with that!!! I can’t get over how much he likes water. Here he is drinking out of the bathroom sink faucet.


And he comes running every time I start the shower. He voluntarily goes into the tub to play in the falling water! Crazy cat!


This is a quilt that I made a few years ago for one of my DGC. I’m sorry, I tried to find the magazine where I got the pattern, but I can’t find it. But the pattern was only for the panels that have pictures on them. I traced the designs, then colored them with crayon and heat set the colors. The pattern called for putting them all together, to make a wall hanging. I wanted to make a larger quilt so I added all the pieced portions. I did it in a very improvisational way – adding a nine patch here and some strips there – until it all fit together. It was a lot of fun. I have been wanting to make another quilt in the same manner, but have never gotten around to it. Maybe later this year.

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