Really Random Thursday


Okay, this is going to be fairly short.

I had a some lovely photos to post.

I had a photo of the back of Norman’s head. This is significant because 1) I got him to sit semi-still so that I could actually photograph his head and 2) because I wanted to know if anyone else could see the “Peace” sign on his head.

I had a photo of my craft drawer in the camper, all packed and ready for our trip (if we can ever get away, since the weather is being super-uncooperative!!)

I had a photo of the big bowl of granola that I made to take on the trip (and then I was even going to give the recipe!)

Than I realized that I couldn’t post any of these photos.

Mainly because I am idiot!

I took all the photos with my camera.

They all turned out fairly good.

I need to connect the camera to the computer with an ISB cord to get the photos from the camera to the computer, so that I can add them to my post.

I packed the ISB cord and charger in a safe place so I would be sure to have it with me on the trip.


So today, on Really Random Thursday, I am going to look in every random spot where the cord and charger might be!

Until then I will have to remember to make posts with my phone.

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5 thoughts on “Really Random Thursday

  1. That’s why I like you so much–you are just like me!!! Thanks for the reminder we are just normal/crazy quilters, wives, mothers etc. and remember we are still loved no matter what we do by those we love. So just keep doing….


  2. I didn’t realize when my memory card was full and I made a ridiculously long tute the night before a blog hop to find all the pictures disappeared when I connected the usb to my lap top 😦 I look forward your photos when you discover the safe place 🙂


  3. Oh no!! Did you find everything? I hate it when it put things in a place where I will not forget. And then promptly forget. That seems to be happening more often lately. Grrr.

    Thanks for linking up!!


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