Design Wall Monday March 11, 2013


Right now, my design wall is uninteresting. I still have the tiny triangles quilt up there, because I haven’t done anything with it yet. I spent so much time on the gift quilt that I haven’t really thought about anything else. I considered doing some sewing yesterday, but that is about as far as it went. I think changing to Daylight Savings Time threw me out of whack yesterday. That, and spending my entire Saturday without doing any sewing! You would think that would inspire me to go in and sew, sew, sew. But instead I just wanted to nap, nap, nap!

Click HERE to see what everyone else is up to.

Other than not sewing, I had a very nice weekend. DH and I went to visit family and celebrate all the birthdays in March. There are quite a few. My dad, sister, brother, niece, and aunt all have their birthdays in March. We were celebrating Dad’s 75th birthday!

And now for a confession – the gift quilt was for Dad, not a friend. I was being a little misleading in case anyone from that side of the family happened to check out the blog. Didn’t want to say, “this is for my dad” and then have him see it ahead of time!!


Sorry for the poor picture quality. The lighting was not great and then there was the back lighting from the windows. AND there were two men holding up the quilt! What was I thinking when I asked them to hold it up!?! Oh well, that’s Dad with his gift and I think he likes it.

I have a huge amount of stuff to get done. Still making preparations to go on our camping trip. And I also need to get a number of things done around here before we go. The first meeting of my quilt group is tomorrow evening and I think I’m going to be doing a demonstration of quilt-as-you-go, AGAIN! So I need to get things ready for that. Oh, and because I am a terrible procrastinator, I have to put together all the quilt kits before the meeting!

I guess I better get to it!


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