Sorry, I couldn’t come up with any “What the Heck” ideas today. So I’ll just reply to random comments.

Yes, Norman is getting bigger. And he likes to get into just about everything!

Most of my photos of him look like this:


or this:


I was able to catch him sleeping just a few minutes ago, under the desk:


Dee Dee – It is different having a cat in the house. We have had dogs in the house previous to this and have provided food and shelter for the barn cats outside. This is the first time that we’ve kept a cat in the house. Norman likes to be around us, but he’s not too demanding, which is ideal for me right now. I have enough demands on my time as it is!!! But it’s very nice to have a companion to talk to (he’s a great listener!) and to cuddle once in a while.

Of course, I could talk to and cuddle with DH, but it’s not quite the same thing!! 😉

Bev, you asked if the quilt beneath “Bedford Beauty” is another Blackford Beauty quilt. No, it is not. I’m not sure what the block pattern is called – it’s a kind-of modified Bear paw or Goose Track. Or maybe a type of star pattern. It’s done in Halloween fabrics.


Today I’m going to link with Nina Marie Sayre. She does a linky called Off the Wall Friday. There are some gorgeous art quilters linking up. And while I’m not exactly in that category of quilts, I have done some. This week I’m counting my tiny triangles as a work of art!!


Click HERE to see some other works of art. And click HERE to see Sarah’s ” Confessions of a Fabric Addict” She’s doing a linky to show off things you’re proud of.


3 thoughts on “Norman

  1. love the variety of fabrics in your beautiful piece of art–just think how many quilts and memories are represented by those


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