What the Heck Friday – February 22, 2013

I was not sure if I would have something to fit into the category of “What the Heck” today. But a light bulb went off this morning so here it is:


And this time I’m not going to wait until Monday to explain it!

I have given up buying fabric for Lent and then – What the Heck! – I get a sale flyer from Hancock’s of Paducah. Imagine a choir of angels singing – because there is so much yummy fabric!!

AND, not only is there this adorable-I-want-it-right-NOW pattern for the sailboat quilt (see it in the upper left hand part of the photo), but there is this:


Notice the dark blue and white quilt on the left hand side of the cover. You got it – another I-want-it-NOW!!

Of course I would need to buy fabrics for both of those quilts, because I definitely do not have that beautiful robin’s egg blue that is the background for the sailboats. And I’d need to get the coordinating fabrics to go with the robin’s egg blue. Then the background fabric on the blue and white quilt is all the same and I don’t have a big piece of any one shirting fabric that I could use for the background. And my really dark blues are very low, so I’d need more of them.

AND on top of all that there were at least three CHEDDAR prints and four DOUBLE PINKS!!! Besides untold amounts of 1800’s repros and 1930’s repros.

And then, tucked in the back so I almost missed it:

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Just lock me up and throw away the key because the temptation is KILLING me!!!

If I wait until after Lent before I try to buy any of this fabric, the supplies may be gone. But I can’t buy fabric right now because I said I wouldn’t.

Must buy fabric. Cannot buy fabric. Must buy fabric. Cannot buy fabric.

For some reason this reminded me of the movie “War Games”

I am the computer having a melt down!! My only winning move is to not play.


I guess I’ll stop drooling over the catalog and play with my triangles. I need to trim them up and start the sashing. And DH wants to go to the cabin this afternoon to do some cleaning up (him – outside, blown down limbs, me – inside, dust and dirt)


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