Design Wall Monday – January 28, 2013

I’m linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for another Design Wall Monday. Click HERE to see what others are up to.

There are two things on the design wall this morning. The first is a big hooray – I finished the quilting on the Advent wall hanging.


Now I can put it away with all the Christmas decorations. Yeah! That’s done!!!

The second is an idea that is percolating. I need a wall hanging for the wall next to my entry. I had the Advent wall hanging there for Christmas. Before that I had the fall leaves wall hanging that I made in 2011. So now I need something in that spot.

A variety of things happened over the weekend which led to me finding the box where these were stored:


So I’m thinking of making a wall hanging with these – I mean, seriously, did you think I was going to make a full size quilt out of these tiny little triangles!?!

You did?

Do I look THAT crazy?

Okay, don’t answer that!!

Maybe I did think of doing that at one time.

But now I’ve come to my senses and realized that it is not going to happen in the near or even distant future!!!

Anyway, I’m letting this sit on the design wall for a while to develop my idea. I’ve got a lot of little individual half square triangles, so I could make a few more blocks. Then I’m thinking that I want to put sashing between the blocks, but what color? And then, of course, I need to decide on a border or borders.

Decisions, decisions!

Any suggestions?


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