Another Linky Party

Happy Monday everyone! It’s time for those of us making the Bonnie Hunter Easy Street mystery quilt to link up with her blog and report our progress. It has been so much fun to see what other people (there are a few men out there quilting!) are doing. I want to thank everyone that is stopping by to see my progress – and I am so happy to report it today!!

Due to some marathon sewing sessions when I keep getting up at “this is ridiculous” o’clock, I have managed to get caught up on both versions of Easy Street!!! In these photos I’ve put what I believe to be the correct number of units for one block up on my design wall. In version one I’ve arranged them one way that I think is possible:


And here is version two in a slightly different arrangement:


It remains to be seen if I am anywhere close to what Bonnie has in mind! Here is the link to Bonnie’s blog. Be sure to visit everyone else and leave a comment on their blog.

In other news – My list is getting shorter, sort-of. All of the ornaments for the Advent calendar are finished and ready to hang on the wall hanging quilt. Yippee!!!! DH bought another gift for DGC#7, so he says I don’t have to make any American Girl doll clothes. I have not officially crossed this off my list though, because when visiting with DGC#7 on Saturday, I heard quite a lot about new doll that she hopes to get for Christmas. I think doll clothes are still in order. But I know that if I run out of time, I have other gifts for her.

And speaking of the visiting on Saturday, DH was dressed to the nines for a Christmas season visit:


I absolutely had to stop what I was doing and go with him just so I could see the expression on everyone’s faces when he walked in the door!!!


Oh yes! He was a hit!

Okay, I got a little side tracked. Back to the list of things to do. The last thing on the list is the quilt for DBIL. I was able to assemble all the blocks into the third section, thanks in large part to the previously mentioned marathon sewing sessions. Yesterday at 2:00, Bonnie was on quilt cam, so I pressed and layered the third section to ready it for quilting. Then my NFL boys were playing last night and I wanted to watch them. DH didn’t object when I suggested setting up the sewing machine in the living room so that I could watch and quilt at the same time. I was able to get the third section all quilted while the boys lost another game (picture me happy and sad all at once.)

But then – well, I just couldn’t leave well enough alone. I had all three sections quilted and I could have started assembling the three sections and had the quilt all ready for binding. But did I do that?

Of course not!

I had never been quite happy with the quilting:


I did parallel lines the length of the quilt. I’m showing the quilting from the back because the lines get lost on the front. They are in the ditch along each seam of the nine patches. This is perfectly sufficient to keep the quilt layers together and provide a serviceable quilt. But it just didn’t seem like enough. So while the “boys” were playing I decided to do this:


I quilted along each seam in the other direction! Naturally, since I have done this on one section, I have to do the same on the other two sections. So even though I took one step forward to get the quilt finished, I am now two steps behind! The up-side to this is that it only took a comparatively short time to do the additional quilting, so the other two sections should be completely quilted very soon. Then all I have to do is put the three sections together and bind, all of which will be done by machine, because I am not going to be crazy enough to try to hand sew binding when I have a deadline looming this close.

I’m going shopping with mom today and will hopefully have all the shopping done. I still have a very large amount of wrapping to take care of and there is one large gift on order that has not arrived yet! I’m not sure what I’m going to do if it doesn’t show up in time. DH might be getting an IOU for a Christmas gift!


4 thoughts on “Another Linky Party

  1. I love the colors in arrangement #1 and the pattern in arrangement #2. I’m a push over for small pieces in diagonal lines.
    I think you should use the picture of DH for your family Christmas cards!
    You used your time well during the disappointing game last night. They just can’t keep it together for a whole game any more. Oh well. More sewing time! I like what you are doing for DBIL’s quilt. It will make the nine patch squares pop. You’re almost there. You can make it in time. Then you’ll have to pick four or five other projects to work on at the same time.


    1. I like the second arrangement too. This has been a fun project! Of course, Bonnie is such a fun person!
      I never thought about making cards but that is a fantastic idea! Now what kind of funny caption should I use?
      I agree about the nine patches, it looks so much better with the additional quilting.
      What makes you think I don’t already have five or six projects to work on, hm-m-m???


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