Progress is being made

My list of projects to finish before Christmas is getting shorter. Let’s see, I had to:

1) Make a quilt for DBIL
2) Finish Advent ornaments
3) Make Barbie clothes for one DGC
4) Make American Girl clothes for another DGC
5) Finish block for Christmas quilt exchange
6) Keep up to date on Bonnie’s Easy Street mystery quilts (remember, I’m insane and have started two!)

Well, I finished #5, so that is one thing off the list. Then, due to some savvy shopping, I have been able to get enough Barbie clothes for DGC#4, so I don’t need to make any Barbie clothes. Let’s cross #3 off the list!!

As to the other items on the list: I have made a lot of progress on the quilt for DBIL. I am making it in three sections. Two of the sections are assembled and quilted. I have to sew 48 blocks together for section 3, then quilt it, then assemble the three sections together. Here are the two sections and the blocks laid out on my bed.


I am still working on the Advent ornaments. In the evenings I spend some time getting one or two finished, I think I still have six more ornaments to be finished and then that will be done.

I am planning to make two American Girl outfits and a nightgown for DGC#7 (okay, she’s an almost step-grandchild but she’s still part of the family!!) I am hoping they won’t take too much time. đŸ˜‰

Now, I know that the last item on the list isn’t urgent, but I am trying to stay up-to-date. We received clue #3 last Friday and it was fairly easy. I was able to finish it for the first version of the mystery that I am doing. But I had fallen behind on the second version and have just now completed clue #2. If things go well today, I hope to finish clue #3 for the second version and then on Friday I will be able to start work on clue #4 for both versions!!!

Wow! When I start spelling it all out, it sounds pretty overwhelming! I better not dwell on it too much and just dive right in and sew!!!


2 thoughts on “Progress is being made

  1. You go girl! You get more sewing and quilting done than any other two people I know! The DBIL quilt is looking great. I love nine patch quilts. Maybe I can squeeze some time in tonight to work on the neonatal hexie quilt.


  2. WOW! You are amazing. My first DGC quilt is coming along. I have two more rows to sew together and then I can bind it. WooHoo! I have the second DGC quilt nine-patches done and almost finished quilting and cut everything else for it. Now to just sew, sew, sew.


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