Monday Linky party

Here we are, all together for another linky party. I am enjoying the ability to see other people’s progress so much! There were 238 people that linked to Bonnie’s blog last week, from all over the world. When it works, isn’t modern technology wonderful!?! Here’s the link up to this week’s party:

I’ve been fighting a little bit of a cold this weekend. Nothing serious, just enough to make me feel “Yuck” You know, too sick to clean house, not sick enough to not sew!!! Here’s my progress so far:

All 128 of the flying geese units are finished. Only because I woke up early this morning and devoted an hour to finishing them up.

Now here is my theory on the Easy Street block:

Remember, this is only a guess. But 128 divided be 16 (# of blocks – I’m guessing) equals 8, so we would use 8 flying geese in each block. But the next part of step 2 has me stumped. We’re supposed to cut 64 background pieces at 2″ x 3 1/2″. Using my hypothesis, we would need to use 4 of those pieces in each block. But where? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!!

I want to let you all know that the princess quilt is completely finished. I sewed the binding on Saturday. And I “cheated” a little bit, because I did it all by machine. I know, I know, I can hear your gasps of horror! Don’t I always finish the binding by hand!?! Well, I didn’t feel so great, and Christmas is creeping up on us very quickly, so I took the fast and easy route. Fortunately, the quilt police did not send in a SWAT team to take me into custody! Maybe I got away with it this time!! 😉

And finally, I have a confession to make.

I AM certifiably insane!!

I have undeniable proof!

Yes, I confess, that is a second set of foursies. Yes, I am making two mystery quilts. Yes, if you put me into a padded room right now, I would start making a quilt out of the walls!!!!

Apparently I have no self control when it comes to starting new projects. I couldn’t get the idea of a second colorway out of my head.

After I finished the foursies for Easy Street #1, I kept thinking about making it in warm colors with a soft green as the constant and cream for the background. So, now I need to make 128 flying geese units with the orange fabrics.

My justification for this is (bear with me on this!) I need to make quilts for two other DGC.

Don’t laugh, I am being a realist!

Seriously, stop laughing!!

I am starting them now so that I can give them NEXT year for Christmas. Surely you didn’t think I was so far gone that I had delusions of finishing them for THIS Christmas!! If you did, then you need to be in the padded room right next to me!!


5 thoughts on “Monday Linky party

  1. It would have to be a LARGE padded room to fit in a sewing machine or two, or three, cutting table, ironing station, fabric stash(es). I’d join you in a second! We have over 30 packages to go out so far today. At least a third of them are glassware, so lots of packaging to protect them. Ack!
    I’m not sure they allow sharp objects in a padded room (rotary cutters, scissors, seam rippers). Maybe if we all promise to behave while they lock us in the room. We can dream.
    Oh, I forgot lots of good food (already prepared) and of course a bathroom!


  2. Lol, a padded room won’t help with your affliction. Maybe just be who you are…love your geese. See you next week for Clue 3.


  3. I’m joining you two in the padded room! As long as I can take my stuff (sewing machine, fabric and tools) with me, it would be great to have no distractions. Pass the food through the door…I’m good.


  4. ha ha, I think you won’t be lonely in that padded room, I’m making two Easy Streets, and probably about another half dozen or so are making two as well. The geese are looking good.


  5. hahaha…Love it…and guess what? I’m in the room right beside you! I’ve started THREE. …After the first step was done with my original fabs – I totally heard those voices in my head too…urging me on…how about THIS color combo, or THAT one…or BOTH…heck..why not! Of course now…about all these geese….I’m flying as fast as I can! Good Luck!


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