Twosie, Foursie

I want moresie!!!

What a busy weekend! Friday was the release of the Easy Street mystery quilt on Bonnie Hunter’s blog. Above is the photo of my start on the first step. I stole moments of time all through the weekend to work on the four patch blocks. I wanted to be able to report good progress. Here’s a link to her Monday linky to see some of the progress of others:

And here is my progress – 189 four patch units. I need to make 3 more to have the required 192. I think I might be able to get that done today.

Barb, do you have any way of sending photos via e-mail? I could include your progress on my blog, which I’m going to link to Bonnie’s. Hope you were able to make good headway on your four patches.

Despite my good intentions, I do not have one single photo from my Saturday night Thanksgiving dinner. We had 31 people here and between all the cooking and visiting with family, I didn’t even look at my camera. But, boy, did we have fun!! It was great to see some family members that I don’t get to visit with very often. And all the young ones had a blast playing hide and seek and investigating the “toy room”. We did have one little guy that started feeling poorly – I hope he is feeling a little better by now.

Well, I’m off to get those three more units done. Then I have to devote the rest of the day to taking care of office work for DH.


6 thoughts on “Twosie, Foursie

  1. Between Sarah’s birthday party at the skating rink with 16 kids, Sarah’s two basketball games, shopping on Black Friday and then going to work (unexpectedly), and packing 19 quilts from our quilt guild to go to Hurricane Sandy victims, I stole a few hours yesterday to cut and sew the twosies. Tonight I will try to get them into foursies…at least a few to say I did some of the first step. Then back to both DGC’s Christmas quilts. My DD thinks I’m nuts! She’s probably right.


  2. Just tell your DD that she hasn’t met me yet!!

    Wow! You packed a lot into one weekend. I stayed home on Black Friday. No way was I going to go out into that madness.

    We do have to get together sometime soon – it’s for our health, after all. 😉


  3. Cheryl, is that your antique sewing machine that you used for the first step of your newest Easy Street quilt project? I was surprised to see it instead of your newer machine.


  4. I’m excited about the mystery quilt, too, which is why I’m trying to fit it in. Didn’t get home from work until after 8:00 last night but I did manage to cut all my strips into twosies. All ready for some sewing tonight and then get back to the Christmas quilts until this weekend and step #2!


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