Double Dog Dare You

I have some really great quilting friends! They think of me a lot, as I do them. We’re always ready at the drop of a hat to help each other out, whether it’s exchanging fabric, suggesting how to finish a quilt or challenging each other to try something new.

I recieved an e-mail from one of them this weekend. She said she thought about daring me to try making a new quilt – because, apparently, I don’t have enough to do as it is!! 😉

Here is a picture of the project and a link to the blog this came from:

I know! Beautiful!! Gorgeous!!! Amazing!!!!

Not going to happen!!!!!

First because she only thought about daring me and second because even if she double dog dared me, I am not – repeat – NOT going to start another insane project (right now. he-he!)

In other news, Barb has been making good progress on her quilts that she wants to finish for Christmas. I’m expecting an update this evening, Barb! I hope you’ve been able to accomplish a whole lot on your long weekend.


3 thoughts on “Double Dog Dare You

  1. Aw, come on. How about triple dog dare ya. One block. The one with the 1/2″ finished half square triangles, with some of the halves made from two pieces… all hand sewn. Come on, I know you want to. Bwa ha ha!


    1. Bev, Alas! You do know me very well! But just like you resisting the Easy Street mystery, I am going to remain strong (for now) and resist the lure of the tiny triangles!

      Barb, so happy for your progress. Can’t wait to see how those quilts turn out.

      I am hoping that DH will go to the cabin tonight and check the status. He made noises about not being able to have hunting camp. He don’t know it yet, but he IS going – I look forward to hunting season even more than he does, I think!!!


  2. Progress Report #2: Should have sent a report last night but I was trying to get to a stopping point before my eyes quit. All 17 star blocks are pieced, sandwiched with batting and backing and ready for quilting! Only two interruptions in my schedule today so I can devote most of the day to sewing. This four-day weekend has been great! Got to see my quilting friends and spent some very relaxing days. Just what I needed. And next week is more time off and another day to spend with my dear friends. Can’t get much better than that!


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