Quilt for DBIL

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I want to make a quilt for my DBIL. Last year, at Christmas, he admired the quilt that I gave to DS#3. He was very animated in his admiration and, while he stopped short of actual hinting, I got the impression that he would appreciate something similar.

This is the quilt I made for DS#3. He wanted something plain and simple. He doesn’t understand the concept of taking big pieces of fabric, cutting it into little pieces and sewing it back together into big pieces. Obviously, I have failed somehow to pass the knowledge of that joy onto him!

Well, I don’t want to make ANOTHER plain quilt, even though DBIL also doesn’t get the whole quilting thing. But since he didn’t outright ask for a quilt of any kind, and I know he would appreciate the thought as well as the effort, he’s going to get something a little more intricate.

At first I thought about finishing the Bonnie quilt:

But, even though I didn’t really promise it to him, DH really likes this one, so I want to finish it for him.

Then I thought I’d do one with shirting plaids. I’d just make simple, plain blocks about 9″ square and that would be that. Not as plain as DS#3’s quilt, but still pretty utilitarian.

But I’ve finally decided – two years ago I started work on three twin size quilts. One was a Christmas gift for DGC#2, the other two were going to be for the cabin. But I never finished the quilts for the cabin. So I’m going to put together the pieces of those quilts into one big quilt and give it to DBIL.

I like the patriotic theme, a lot of the work is already done and it is not too complex and fussy, so it should appeal to him and I should be able to have it finished by Christmas!!


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