The tale of a Christmas Quilt – Dramatic highlight

Life does not always run smoothly. There are often difficulties that need to be overcome. And so it is with this story.

As we heard before the fairy godmother had made great progress on the quilt for the beautiful princess. Things were running smoothly in the kingdom, so the fairy godmother had plenty of time to devote to her project. Her magic wand (rotary cutter) zipped through the fabrics. The fairy godmother had a magical machine that caused the pieces of fabric to attach to each other. It whirred and purred and soon all the blocks were assembled. Then the magic machine caused each block to be quilted.

The fairy godmother was thinking that this particular quilt was going to be a piece of cake. But, alas, evil forces were at work in the world. A horrible witch named Sandy was determined to attack the peaceful kingdom and destroy it!

Sandy used her evil magic to uproot trees and fling them all around the peaceful kingdom. Then she cast wicked spells on the kingdom which caused the kingdom to be cast into darkness. Most devastating to the fairy godmother was that Sandy caused the beautiful, magic machine to be stricken. It no longer whirred and purred. How could she continue with the work on the quilt for the beautiful princess?

Well, we all know that the forces of good will triumph over the forces of evil. Soon the fairy godmother had help from a wizened old elf named Gen Erator. With his help the fairy godmother was able to use her magic machine. But because he was an old elf, he tired easily and the machine would be stilled once again. Fortunately there was a very small fairy named Ott (her full name is battery operated personal sized Ott light, but we call her Ott for short.) She would perch on the fairy godmother’s shoulder and cast a bright light so that the fairy godmother could apply stitches by hand to the quilt.

But Sandy was persistent and the kingdom was in danger of falling under her spell forever. Just in the nick of time forces from other kingdoms joined the battle against Sandy and restored the kingdom to its former glory. (Let me take a moment here to offer sincere and heartfelt thanks to the linemen who worked long shifts in terrible weather and dangerous conditions. They are a remarkable breed of men and I appreciate them more than you can know!)

There were some casualties in the battle. The wizened old elf, Gen gave his all and when he could give no more, he was given a hero’s funeral. Ott lives on, but was very tired due to a lack of her favorite AAA food.

The fairy godmother was able to get the quilt all put together. Only the binding remains.

To be continued . .


2 thoughts on “The tale of a Christmas Quilt – Dramatic highlight

  1. I think the beautiful princess will be amazed at the wonderous quilt her beloved fairy grandmother made her for Christmas! And yo will always remember the lengths you went to while making it. Way to Go!


  2. I love the design and the fabrics. the white stars really stand out. I am sure the princess will be very excited when she opens up her present from her wonderful sweet fairy grandmother and showers her with bunches of hugs!


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