What a Busy Weekend

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend. DH and I had a fairly full weekend.

First there was the blue moon (funny, it doesn’t look blue!)

We had some friends join us for dinner at the cabin Friday night. That was great in itself, but then we were able to sit out and be bathed with the moon shine. That’s the shine from the moon, not the liquid that comes in mason jars!!!

Saturday, we went for a motorcycle ride with friends and family. Even though rain threatened, we managed to dodge raindrops and have a very nice ride.

Sunday we were back at the cabin to celebrate DBIL’s birthday. He only had 10 candles but the cake said something about 50. Obviously his age is somewhere in that range!

After dinner and cake, we sat around the fire and chatted for a few hours.

The grandchildren entertained themselves by catching toads and building houses for them.

Yesterday, I was finally able to finish all 156 of the star point units for the Bonnie Hunter quilt. Now comes the tricky part. I need to sew the different units together into the blocks. From previous posts, you all know that this is where I am likely to mess up. I’ll keep you all posted on how this works out for me.

Now I need to get down to work on all the office work that has been neglected over the holiday weekend.


One thought on “What a Busy Weekend

  1. I’m so jealous of your progress on the Bonnie quilt! I finished the last MCD shift last night around 9:30. Thought about playing with the pieces for Bonnie’s block, but vegged in front of the TV instead. Must get more energy.


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