Log Cabin Quilt Progress

Since my internet was going SO SLOW yesterday, I didn’t do much surfing. Didn’t check out other blogs, didn’t look up recipes, didn’t scope out the latest headlines, etc. etc.

That left me with a good bit more time for sewing!! Yippee!!

Despite the heat wave, which turns my studio into an oven, I was able to get all the blocks for the top half of the log cabin quilt sewn into rows.

Today I am going to concentrate on sewing those rows together and, hopefully, I will be able to have at least half a quilt to take with me when I go to see Bonnie Hunter!

Yes, because Ms. Bonnie casually mentioned on her blog that she loves, loves, loves log cabin quilts, I am risking heat stroke to try to get this done in time to show to her!!!

That isn’t crazy, is it!?!

Ha-ha-ha-ha!! (Picture maniacal laughing!) It’s back to the oven I mean, studio, to get some more sewing done!!!


6 thoughts on “Log Cabin Quilt Progress

  1. Wow! Such dedication in this heat. I can’t wait until Friday afternoon. It’s going to be awesome. Don’t forget your hexie wall hanging.


    1. I have the hexie quilt on my list of things to pack, also my cigar box with my tiny triangles (because I’ll have some little bitty triangles to add to it when we are sewing the star points!) I am so excited about Friday afternoon!!!

      I like the word dedication – it sounds better than insanity!


  2. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to get much work done on Friday in anticipation of the evening! I’m bringing my hexie-in-progress. I wish it was further along but I need to spend the next two evenings finishing my cutting for the workshop. I have about half of the lights still to cut. I should be able to get that much done without a problem. I had a dream last night about my sewing machine breaking down during the workshop! I was talking to Bev about it last night and it crept into my dream. I just can’t wait for Friday-Saturday not only because we get to spend time with Bonnie Hunter, but I get to see my dear friends again.


  3. Bev, you need to bring your hexie quilt, too, so we can all show them off together. I think we are all going to have too much fun this weekend. 1) because we are getting to meet Bonnie Hunter and 2) we always have too much fun when we get together!! I can hardly wait!!!


  4. You girls are going to have such a great time this weekend!!! I will be with you in spirit and bodily at home sewing in the heat. Can’t wait to see your photos on your blog and of course on Bonnie’s blog. I’m sure you’ll also learn lots of neat tricks to share with me. Just think of all the quilts she will bring to display. Your log cabin is just beautiful–I love the design.


    1. Thanks Jeanine! I’m really happy with the way it is turning out.
      I’ve got my camera packed and ready to go. I just need to remember to use it, instead of sitting in awestruck wonder!

      We missed you at the Independence Day celebration – Garrett did a wonderful job playing for us again. You’ll need to let me know when you will be in the area so we can stitch and visit.


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