It’s a vicious cycle

Sorry about being AWOL for the past two days. Things have been a little hectic between work, home, family, etc. And to top it off, I’ve been having the darnedest time getting a decent nights sleep!!

It seems like every morning I am waking up at “This is Ridiculous!” o’clock. I try to go back to sleep and I might even doze, but then I still wake up at “Are you kidding me?” o’clock. Finally, at about “What’s the use?” o’clock, I just get out of bed and try to get motivated for the day.

Of course, then I am tired through out the day. I try to stay awake until “Bedtime” o’clock, but I find myself dozing in front of the television at “This is too early” o’clock. Which, as you may have guessed, starts the whole thing over again.

I’ve tried to take a nap at “Middle of the Day” o’clock, but I very seldom rest then because as soon as I lay down I start thinking about all the unfinished things that I really “should” be doing.

I actually slept until “That’s a little better” o’clock this morning, although I was having vivid dreams about sewing my blocks with a much too large stitch length, which meant that I had to un-sew them all and then re-sew them. Anyone care to interpret that one?

Since I received so many comments on my last post (and because I haven’t accomplished a whole lot of photo worthy quilting!) I’ll leave you with this:


2 thoughts on “It’s a vicious cycle

  1. You really are setting our expectations WAY too high for our men. Eye candy, help around the house, AND understanding our addiction …. I think it’s all a fantasy! Maybe that’s what you should think about at “You’ve got to be kidding o’clock”. Probably wouldn’t help you back to sleep, but who cares!


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