Cute Little Bag Tutorial

I saw one of these, figured out how it was made and am now going to share it with you.

Finished item:

First Step: Cut 2 – 18″ squares. Use two different fabrics that look nice together.

Second Step: Layer fabrics with right sides together. Sew a 1/4″ seam around all four edges, leaving a small opening to turn. (I used a contrasting thread so that you can see my stitches {and also because I was too lazy to change the thread in the machine!})

Third Step: Turn right side out, sew opening closed. Press. Decide which is the inside and which is the outside of the bag. Lay flat on table with outside fabric face down and fold one corner into the center, so that about one third of the fabric is folded over.

Fourth Step: Fold the opposite corner in. This is all eye ball work, but the remaining corners , which are square should be approximately 6″ on each side.

Fifth Step: Fold the points together to mark the halfway point.

Sixth Step: Sew across the line so that you have two sections for your bag.

Seventh Step: Carefully sew the diagonal layers together to reinforce the inside pockets. Do not sew through all the layers of the bag!!!

Eighth Step: Fold remaining corners to outside of bag and top stitch the edges. Sew a line 1/2″ below and parallel to the top. This will make the casing for the ribbons that close the bag.

Ninth Step: Turn bag with right sides together and stitch close to the two sides. Turn right side out.

Tenth Step: cut two pieces of ribbon approx. 14″ or more long (depending on how long you want your loops) Thread one ribbon through both sides of the casing so that both ends are on one side of the bag. Tie the ends together. From the opposite side of the bag repeat the same thing with the other ribbon. Ta-da!! Your bag is complete.

Here is a shot of the inside of the bag. There is the main bag, plus two pockets inside.


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