What dreams may come

The movie has nothing to do with my post today. The word “dreams” does!

I had so many dreams last night and all of them had to do with quilts!!

First I had a dream where I was teaching a class about quilting spirals – I wonder where that came from after I spent most of the day quilting spirals on the Courthouse Steps blocks!?! (BTW – I didn’t get them all finished, I still have six more to go) 😦

Then I dreamed about different quilts I was making. There were some gorgeous patterns – too bad I can’t remember them all. The only one I really remember was a scrappy checkerboard quilt. It was made of blocks of 25 small squares (maybe 1 1/2″) in mostly blues and creams, with a little green and brown for variety. The blocks were sashed with a beautiful, mottled, deep red fabric. I want to start making that one in real life!!

The last dream I remember I was floating on a huge ocean of quilts!! But I kept sinking down into them and had to struggle to stay afloat. I don’t even want to try to analyze that one because it will probably mean that I shouldn’t get so “wrapped up” in my quilting (ha-ha, pun intentional!!)

There’s office work to do today and tomorrow for DH. I should be able to sneak in a little time to finish those last blocks. Then I should be able to sew the blocks together and do the hand stitching to finish the rows.


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