We’re B-a-a-a-ck

Bev, How psychic are you?? Thunder in the Valley is just what we did!! We rode up to Johnstown and took in all the sights at the motorcycle rally. I would have liked to stop in but we actually met up with my BIL, DS#2 and his friend. I didn’t think you wanted that whole crowd to just drop in!

There was quite a crowd at this event. Of course, the weather was wonderful for riding.

We got home fairly early on Sunday afternoon. DH was exhausted, so he watched TV through his eyelids all afternoon. Which left me free to sew. I quilted five more blocks for the Courthouse Steps quilt. I’ve also sewn eleven pairs of blocks together. So it is moving forward at a good pace.

I’m working for my other boss today, so I better get some of his things taken care of.


3 thoughts on “We’re B-a-a-a-ck

  1. Glad you had a nice weekend get-a-way! We had thousands and thousands and thousands of bikers all weekend long at the memorial. Filled three parking lots and had two shuttle buses running for three days. My staff is exhausted but I didn’t work. I won’t tell them that I has a pleasant weekend. No sense rubbing salt in the wound!


    1. I know there were at least two planned rides to the memorial, besides all the people that decided to go on their own. So I can imagine they were run ragged. We rode right by your place. Did you have a yard sale sign in your front yard? Or was I looking at the wrong house?


  2. That wasn’t my yard sale. People put signs up on my corner because there is a lot of traffic there. I did see it and thought for a moment about going to it but I had way too much to do!


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