Summer Solstice

There is just something about the summer solstice that appeals to me. It seems to be a magical day. Like you can achieve so much more on the longest day of the year.

Unless, of course, you actually live in the real world, in which case, you don’t get very much done at all!

I had plans to quilt most of the day. I did need to do some office work and there is always some housework that needs to be done. But predominately I was going to quilt my Courthouse Steps blocks. Can you guess how many I got done??


Well, no, not that many.

How about half that much? Five?

No, wrong again.

Did I get three done, which is the amount of blocks I’d like to finish each day, so that I have enough time to sew them all together before the next quilt group meeting. Three?

Not on your life!!!


One, and it’s not even trimmed. What kind of accomplishment is that on the magical, longest day of the year??

Okay, I did have to take DH to the garage so that we could get my truck back home. Which means it is fixed (at least I hope so!!) and we will be able to take some camping trips this summer and fall. And I did do the office and house work – at least some of it!! And DH and I talked with a neighbor who is going to help with some work on the big house, so we’re moving forward on that project. And we rode the motorcycle to watch DGC#2 play in his little league game (which his team won!!)

I guess it wasn’t a BAD day, I accomplished a lot, just not what I planned on accomplishing. I guess I’ll just suck it up and try to get more blocks quilted today.

H-m-m-m, this is the first FULL day of summer. Isn’t there something magical about that?


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