Mom’s Quilt

Well, I put a dent in the quilting budget yesterday! Mom and I were, theoretically, going to get fabric for her quilt. But I happened to find a few things that I “needed” too. Really, I had to stock up on some basics – batting, muslin, and some more neutral fabrics. After all, our quilt group challenge is to make a quilt with all neutrals and one “pop” of color. So I really had to get some more neutrals, right? And everything was on sale, so I saved money! And I also received a 30% off coupon for next week – and that’s 30% off everything, including sale prices! So next week I can save even MORE money!!!

I’m not sure if DH will buy those arguments or not, but I’m not going to stress over it. He didn’t see any of the new stuff come into the house, so obviously he isn’t going to be concerned about it!

Anyway, back on subject, mom wants a quilt made. She had some fabric that had been given to her by a neighbor. It is a panel with nine blocks of “Maxine” cartoons. My job was to decide how best to use those nine blocks to make a quilt. The blocks are 7″ square, so I knew we were going to need to add a lot to make a throw size quilt (that is the size she wanted.) And since she had decided that she should be able to do the piecing, I knew it had to be EASY!! I came up with an idea, figured the yardage needed and cut all the pieces for her. Here is a (not very good) photo of the pieces laid out on her bed:

Mom chose the colors. The blue has a dragonfly design printed on it and the green is a leaf design. She also chose a blue and green paisley that will be for the backing. I’m not sure when she’ll start the sewing, but I’ll keep you all posted.

In my quilting world, I’ve been working on the Courthouse steps, but it’s been slow going. Between finishing the donation quilts and getting mom started on her first quilt,, I haven’t had a lot of spare time. And usually what spare time I do have, I’m tired and just want to sit down. I have stitched a little on the Tea Leaves, but those go so slowly that I haven’t made much progress on them, either. I also decided what pattern I want to use for the neutral challenge. I knew that I wanted to try something that I’ve seen done but never tried myself. The problem was our quilt has to incorporate a nine patch as part of the design. I couldn’t figure out how to do that. Until last night, just as I was dropping off to sleep, the solution came to me. And, miracle of miracles, I actually remembered it this morning!!! I have it written down so that I will not forget and I can’t wait to get started on it. Uh-oh! that means ANOTHER project!


One thought on “Mom’s Quilt

  1. Surprise, surprise … all 49 pieces are sewed together diagonally. I’ll have to talk to you about the next step. I assume I have to iron all the seams open and then pin and sew the 7 rows together horizontally. That MAY happen tomorrow or over the weekend. Then I will REALLY need your help.


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