Beginning a tutorial

As I promised, I am going to do a tutorial on a quilt-as-you-go technique that I use fairly often. Since I don’t have my long arm quilter yet, and sometimes I just want to finish a quilt, I’ve decided to use my Courthouse step variation that I did in 1930 reproduction fabrics. I have all the blocks made, so I just need to dig them out and get started. This is what I found when I went to get the blocks:

Oopsy! I guess I need to find the fabric that matches that block on the lower left so that I can finish it. How did I manage to put these blocks aside with one unfinished block? It is a mystery. So the actual tutorial will wait for one more day, because I just have to finish that block before I can go on to the next step. Fortunately for all of us, I actually keep all my 1930 repro fabric together and it is even in an accessible spot! So I should be able to move forward quickly.

So, I am beginning to get ready to start a tutorial!

When I took the photo of the blocks, and then transferred it to the computer, I also had photos from our Memorial Day picnic. Here are DGC#3 and #5 having fun with Papaw on the new Ranger UTV:

Here is DD holding an honorary grandchild – she’s the daughter of the woman that is seeing DS#2:

I love those curls!

Well, I’ve still got DGC#6 here and I better check on what she is up to. I think (hope) she is watching cartoons, but it’s awfully quiet and we all know what that can mean!!


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