What was I thinking?

When I was at the quilt show the other week I did give in to temptation a few lot of times!! Mostly I collected pink and neutral fabrics to go into the Disappearing Nine Patch. But I also bought a template set to make something like this:

This is a small sample that was at the booth where I bought the template set. I did, at least, get the small set not the miniature set!! And this is what I was thinking – I have an antique quilt that uses the same design:

I could make a quilt just like my antique!! Only with smaller pieces!! Because I have so much time on my hands and hardly anything to do!!!! Read that last sentence with lots and lots of heavy sarcasm!! 😉

Well, I am not going to start it now, because I really do have to get the taxes done before I start on any new projects. But I will have the templates here whenever I do decide to start.


One thought on “What was I thinking?

  1. I love the antique quilt! Are you going to try to keep the same colors? Or just have it look sort of like it? WE may need to doing more shopping for the right fabric. No, I didn’t make a mistake in capitalizing both letters of “WE”. I’m sure you’re going to need our help. In fact, WE can get started this weekend. See you soon!


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