At the office, again

I’m not going to have any photos since I had to work at the office, but I wanted to post before noon, so that when Barb checks in on her lunch break, I’ll have something.

Silly boss is not here right now, so maybe I can get this post finished before he shows up to interrupt. Where does he get the idea that I should be working for him, when I’ve got much more important things to do? 😉 Seriously, I do actually work, and I’ve got three things going right now. So I think I can take a few minutes to post while they are all running! I would never advocate not doing a job that you are getting paid to do!!!

I started working on my purse organizer, but only got as far as cutting out the interfacing. Then silly DH kept needing me to take care of things for him! When are these guys going to get their priorities right? Don’t they know that sewing/quilting is supposed to be at the top of the list? Maybe I will be able to get more done this evening.

I also added a link to my watch band. I am not happy with that solution. Because now that I can get the clasp to close around my wrist, I’ve discovered that the clasp does not hold very tight. It keeps popping open and my watch falls off my wrist! First I’m going to see if I can get the clasp tightened so that it doesn’t pop open but if I can’t do that, I’m going to start thinking about taking the band apart and then how I’m going to put it all back together. I’ve been wanting to make a cuff bracelet for a while and incorporating a watch face would be cool. I’ll keep you up-to-date on this as time goes on.


One thought on “At the office, again

  1. You are so sweet to think about me and trying to post by noon! Don’t stress, though. Quilting should not be about stressing. I do look forward to my little check-in each day with your projects. Today, I was in a meeting until after 1:00 so I’m late in checking your blog. I can’t wait to sew charity quilts with my guild tomorrow and to see my dear friend, Bev. Happy quilting tomorrow for you, too!


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