Two new projects

Of course, I really need MORE things to do! :-}

Project #1 – I need something to organize my purse. I’m always digging around trying to find things in the jumble. I would like to think that it is possible that I could reach into my purse and lay my hand directly on the item I need. I have seen purse organizer patterns, but they seem inadequate for what I want. They also seem pretty straightforward to make. So here goes:

I decided to use the fabric that DD gave me for Christmas – the wild and crazy, like me, fabric. That wasn’t quite enough, so I’m going to add in the other blue for the pockets. Next I measured the size of my purse so that the organizer will fit (I think that might be important!) Also, I listed all the things that I carry in my purse – wallet, lip balm, keys, hairbrush, makeup, etc. I used that list to decide how many pockets and what size I want them to be. I’ve worked out what sizes to cut my fabric and the Timtex interfacing and the order of sewing together. Now I just need to sit down and do it!! Wish me luck with that!!

Project #2 – This can be pretty easy or very difficult depending on what solution I go with.

DH gave me this watch for Christmas (notice the peace symbols – where in the world did he get the idea for that?!?) Problem is, the band is just a little too tight for my wrist. I could go for the easy fix and add a link to the one end of the band to expand the size.


I could take the band apart. I think I can – each peace sign is hinged with a little pin. If I can get the little pin out then it will come apart. Of course, I will probably not be able to put it back together if I do that. Anyway, if I decide to take it apart then my idea is to make a larger band out of cloth, attach the watch face and then use the peace signs decoratively somehow.

I think I need to put a little more thought into Project #2 before I do anything with it!


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