Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I’m at the office today and I didn’t get up and post early. But I couldn’t break my streak. I’m trying to type up something meaningful in between working on a floor plan for my boss. He’s not making easy – he keeps pestering me with questions about work! Honestly – how does he expect me to get my blog taken care of when he keeps interupting me?? 😉

Since I’m at the office, I don’t have any photos to post. Hope you’ll forgive me for that.

I spent a very nice, long day with mom yesterday. We took her car to be serviced, then did a lot of shopping. I did not go to any quilt shops! That felt very unusual!! We enjoyed lunch at Olive Garden – I had the chicken gnocchi soup – Yummy!! I wonder if there is a recipe for that soup – I’ll have to Google it.

Tonight I am going out to dinner with the girls. There’s four of us that get together once in a while – we try for once a month, but you know how that goes sometimes. We were going to go out last week, but I had some kind of stomach bug. Going out to dinner was not a good idea then. Fortunately, I’m feeling much better this week.

Barb, I’m torn. I want to come see you and Bev this weekend (actually, I’d love to come visit with you both anytime!!) But my quilt group is getting together this Saturday to work on their raffle quilt. We were supposed to work on it 2 weeks ago, but we had bad weather and postponed it. So now what? Do I do my duty to my quilt group and also spend time getting to know the ladies there a little better. Or do I go to see very good friends who I’ve been longing to see and work on donation quilts?

Well, in the time it took to type those questions I realized that I also am supposed to go out with my DH on Saturday evening. So I guess I better not plan on traveling up to see you this weekend. Can we get together some other time?


2 thoughts on “Wednesday, January 25, 2012

  1. Much as I’d like to have you be there Saturday, you made the right choice. Husbands and family come first and it sounds like you have a nice day planned with your quilt guild.

    Let Bev and I know what your availability is in February and March. Is Lancaster a possibility March 16-17?


    1. February is filling up fast. Mainly because DH and I may be going on a trip south – not completely sure of that yet or not. But Lancaster in March sounds like a good idea.


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