The studio

I’m still working on getting the studio cleaned out. but it is slow going. I had no idea that there was so much stuff in such a small space! I mean other than the fact that I could hardly see over all the stuff that was piled everywhere because I couldn’t fit any more in the closet!!
I have liberated quite a few boxes of craft supplies that will go to some young crafters. I hope they will enjoy it all (and their parents don’t get angry with me for giving them all of it!!)

I have also, reluctantly, thrown some stuff away. I say reluctantly because, even though the fabrics were stained, mildewed, moth eaten or in some other way yucky, I can hardly bring myself to actually throw it away!! I mean really, I have a box of 1″ squares that I have saved because some day I will make a postage stamp quilt. And at last count I have 7 – count them! – 7 boxes of scrap pieces. and I’m not talking shoe boxes. These are large boxes! And they are NOT sorted in any fashion! And that is after I threw away the truly dreadful stuff!!!

I am not posting any pictures of the work on the studio – it’s too embarrassing! But here is something mom made a few years ago for Maryland’s 350th anniversary.

She designed this sampler and worked it on 22 count cross stitch!

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