Quilt Group

I passed the test!!! I can be a member of the local quilt group! They decided my “Doves in a Window” blocks were acceptable and said that they would let me join!!!
Now, seriously, there was no test. But the group got together to assemble the blocks for the play and everyone was happy to have me there. First we started laying out the blocks just to make sure we had all of them.

When I first arrived, this was what was laid out on the tables. We still needed to get a number of blocks dropped off at this point.
We all started to get to work on various parts of the project. Like I said before, one of each block is going to be used during the play as an actor “sews” it together. Those blocks needed to have a muslin backing sewed on. One lady was cutting the muslin backs, while two others sewed them onto the blocks. Two other ladies were finishing up blocks. I’m glad I hadn’t procrastinated or I would have been in that group!
Instead I was put in charge of cutting the sashing strips. The sashing fabric was a black sheet, which I had to press, then fold into a manageable size to cut. After that I helped with sewing the muslin backings for a little while.
I finished up by putting together a log cabin block (one of the ladies had not realized that she was to make two blocks.) I had put together some of my own log cabin blocks that I could use as leader/enders if needed. That worked out nicely, I just had to keep sorting between “their” log cabins and “my” log cabins!
My other contribution to the project was to take a photo of the layout that we decided on, so that it wouldn’t be forgotten as the sashing was sewn on.

Even standing on a chair, I couldn’t get the entire quilt in the photo. It’s going to finish out at one inch short of eight feet square.
Bev and I got together on Sunday and compared our progress on the hexie quilts. I think she’s in the lead because all of hers are assembled into the quilt top, while mine is, for the most part, still only separate flowers.

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